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Customer support
1 Hey I’ve got a question!
1.1 How old do I have to be to visit the lounge?

To enter our lounge you must be 21+ years old, as this is the legal tobacco purchasing age.

1.2 How about buying cigars online?

Nice try, but you still have to be 21 or older to purchase products from our online store.

1.3 Do you sell booze?

At Traveling Bros Cigars we are working to be able offer a selection of premium, local beer & wine.

We also offer BYOB, bottle storage for VIP Club Members, and bottle service upon return.

1.4 Why does Traveling Bros Cigars require that you verify your age?

As per FDA regulations, TBC is required to ensure that we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21*. In order to verify our customer’s ages, as well as to protect them from fraud, we require every person who enters the site to input their date of birth, set their date of birth in the ‘account setup’. Furthermore, we reserve the right to verify ages by checking orders manually via phone confirmation with a Driver’s License number and age verification services or a background check.

*TBC is aware that some exceptions apply to the age restriction for sale in some states, some countries, some county's and some circumstances, however our policy is that we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21.